Unlocking Babboe


Sorry for English, I don't speak German well yet.

i have a very silly question about Babboe Big-E (but I guess all Babboe?). I am not able to take the key out of the back lock when it is unlocked, I can only do it when it is locked. This means that when I ride the bike the key is always in, and the keychain and other keys keep hitting the back wheel.

Is there a way around this, am I being stupid and there is a way to take it out? Or is this expected and I should just carry this key separately so there is no keychain or other keys to hit the wheel (though this seems quite unpractical!)

Thanks in advance,
This is supposed to be that way.
That way you cannot forget your keys and you will always lock your bike.
There is another Version of each AXA and most Trelock frame locks where you an take out the key when the lock is open.
I see, thank you. I suspected that might be the case, but at the same time it's annoying as I basically have to keep that key separately (or let other keys hit the wheel which doesn't feel right and makes a noise) which is annoying.
Ah great, thanks! I was looking for a tiny bag that would prevent the keys from dangling, but your suggestion looks interesting!
I am late to the party, I have managed to bend that key, badly, I was simply wearing rubber boots when riding to my garden. The top of the boots hit the key and bent it about 80 degrees (from past experiences I know not to try and bend that back, it will snap the key) I decided to remove that lock and carry a small U-Lock, instead. Because once that key brakes off, I am SOL.
Also, if you forget to lock the bike that way (when I park at home I also lock it TO something) some jokester can lock your bike, and if you don't have a spare, you can't use it, anymore.
If you wanna keep it and don't get a keychain disconnecter (is that a word?!) a simple snap hook will also do the trick.
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