Load 60 Seat Mod

Hello all,

I recently made a modification to my Load 60 to make things a little more comfortable for my kid now that she is old enough to sit alone. The original position is a bit too upright, so I went about making the seat back reclined to a fresh 65 degrees.

I simply made 2 notches in the floor for the back rest to fit in and then trimmed the sides of the backrest to fit the narrower forward space in the cargo area. One piece of L bracket serves to support the backrest in addition to the tabs on the sidewalls. Inspired by the Packster, I used a cargo band to secure the backrest in a rear-downwards position in case of roll over.

Using a strap allows me to have a quick-release and flip the backrest forward for cargo space!

My next upgrade is to replace the rain cover with a summer-friendly sun shade.

Oben Unten